Системы отопления и водоснабжения

  • Electric water heaters ;
  • Gas water heaters ;
  • Indirect heating apparatus of coolant heating system.
  • Household - for wastewater from sanitary appliances ( toilets, sinks , washbasins, bathtubs , sinks , showers , etc.);
  • Production - for removing industrial waste water ;
  • United - to divert domestic and industrial waste water purification potential synergies between them .

Our company offers a full range of services for installation of heating . The heating system is not only an important and challenging , but also the most expensive part of MEP disciplne. It accounts for over 40 % of the cost of engineering equipment. Therefore, at all stages of its equipment - from designing to installation and hand over of the heating system - requires the participation of experts.

Warmth and comfort have always been associated in humans with heat. For many decades, it depends on all the ordinary and usual cast-iron battery MS -140 and steel convectors. But today they are hopelessly outdated as morally, and in terms of their design.

Today, many firms specializing in the design and manufacture of modern heating equipment, offering a variety of models with a rich range of features that can satisfy the needs of every client. We will be glad to help you and to make installation of heating for your site .


Our company offers services for installation and maintenance of water supply systems . Independent water supply is to use a well or wells , centralized - in connection to the city water supply network .
Modern technologies and materials ( polypropylene tubes ) extend the operational life of the system of water supply, as well as resistant to chemicals, high pressures and water hammer. They are simple and easy to install .

Hot water to get just enough to install one of several types of heating units :
  • electric water heaters ;
  • gas water heaters ;
  • Indirect heating apparatus of coolant heating system.
In flow water heaters cold water through a pipe, in which the heating element, and gradually heating derives from the heater is hot . To heat a large amount of, for example, to take a shower or a bath , you need high power devices .

Water heater flow differs from a much larger volume of the stored hot water , it is more convenient in everyday life , as heating to a predetermined temperature occurs in advance. There is hot water constantly, and as flow it receives cold and heated to the desired temperature .

When installing the hot water system with a preferred embodiment, it recycling, since such a system you anytime and anywhere in the draw get hot water at the tap , which is very important in the absence of a centralized sewerage .

Other Services

Ventilation and Air Conditioning

One of the factors creating favorable conditions for finding accommodation and efficient operation of the premises is a robust system of air circulation , its filtration , humidification , and maintaining the required temperature parameters.


Equipment Supply

The company supplies a modern electrical and offers a wide range of products.


Panel Boards Production

Our company produces electrical boards, production is carried out with the specifications defined in the design. Direct supply of components from manufacturers can significantly reduce production costs and compete successfully in the market with similar products of leading Russian and foreign companies . ELSIST designs and manufactures almost the entire range of panelboard products for rated voltages up to 1kV :