Производство и сборка щитовой продукции

Switchboard panel

The company "Elsist" has a good, practical experience in assembling and manufacturing low-voltage and switchboard equipment of any complexity. The assembly of shields can be carried out both according to the typical and individual schemes of the Customer.
  • Main switchboards (production and integration of panel products up to 1 kV);
  • Input and distribution devices (input and distribution devices, supplied with active and reactive energy accounting systems and rated for input currents up to 1000A);
  • Distribution boards (distributive boards, power for distribution of electric power by groups of electric receivers);
  • Lighting boards (lighting panels, group for connection of group networks and separate loads);
  • Automation boards (control panels, alarms and control of technological processes, as well as air conditioning, ventilation, fire fighting, fire and burglar alarm systems).
Metallic shelvings

The design and technological design of racks manufactured by Elsyst guarantees their high quality and reliability in operation. We offer:
  • Quick-assembly racks
  • Universal shelving
  • Trading racks
  • Kitchen racks
  • Metal cases
The company also produces metal cabinets for various purposes:
  • Archive cabinets
  • File cabinets
  • Accounting cabinets
  • Industrial Cabinets
  • User cabinets
  • Cabinets for fire-fighting
The materials and equipment used in the installation meet the highest quality requirements. Depending on the wishes of the customer, products of both foreign and domestic manufacturers can be used. Selected options can be quickly implemented in the relevant projects that our organization performs on its own. With this approach, the disagreement between the project and the actual electrical and plumbing work is minimized.

Other Services

Ventilation and Air Conditioning

One of the factors creating favorable conditions for finding accommodation and efficient operation of the premises is a robust system of air circulation , its filtration , humidification , and maintaining the required temperature parameters.


Equipment Supply

The company supplies a modern electrical and offers a wide range of products.


Power and low-current systems

All electrical work is performed by highly qualified specialists in compliance with all norms and requirements, as well as taking into account the wishes of customers.